NZGS President's Awards 2018

NZGS Announce the WInners of the 2018 President's Awards




Distinguished Service Award


Professor Etienne Nel (Otago) in recognition of your role as Managing Editor and Chair of the Editorial Board of the New Zealand Geographer from 2011 until early 2018. During a period of seven years, you oversaw the production of 21 issues of New Zealand Geographer and also managed the transition to an eJournal. We also note that you achieved considerable success in raising the profile of the Society’s flagship journal. Thank you for your impressive record of service to the Society.


President’s Award for Best Doctoral Thesis


Dr Hayley Sparks (Auckland) for your exceptional thesis – entitled ‘Elite education and everyday encounters: Examining the multiple dimensions of privilege in young people’s lives’ - made significant and highly original theoretical and empirical contributions to human geography. The combination of innovative methodology and critical theories enabled the production of a highly sophisticated and important thesis about privilege, young people and educational spaces.


Dr Jerram Bateman (Otago) for your exceptional thesis – entitled ‘Rural livelihoods in Sierra Leoni: Longitudinal insights from Panguma and Kayima’ that made significant contributions theoretically and empirically. The articulation of key priorities and challenges for future development in Panguma and Kayima are insightful and the research has the potential to inform development initiatives within these communities, as well as shaping broader rural development policies in Sierra Leone.


President’s Award for Emerging Researcher in Geography


Dr Tom Baker (Auckland) for your ability to quickly establish yourself as one of the leading new voices in policy and urban geography. We recognise your successes with research funding, supervision, and publishing, as well as your generous contributions to our scholarly networks.


President’s Award for Collaborative Research involving Geographers (in all educational settings)


Associate Professor Damian Collins (University of Alberta) and Professor Robin Kearns (Auckland) for a collaboration that began in the late 1990s at the University of Auckland when Damian was a masterate student and has continued to flourish despite being in different hemispheres. The hallmark of this collaboration has been a remarkable stream of initiatives responsive to Aotearoa New Zealand’s social, political, economic and cultural landscapes. Your enduring and productive research collaboration has been highly successful in advancing geographical scholarship.


President’s Award for Research Supervision


Associate Professor Sara Kindon (VUW) for your outstanding commitment to supervision, your careful attention to the particularities of each student, and your ability to facilitate student research within minority communities. The depth and breadth of your supervision experience shows an ethos of care towards students’ learning. The NZGS thanks you for developing sustained research relationships that enable students to conduct research alongside you, as well as ‘give back’ to their communities.