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The 2015 AGM will be hosted by the Canterbury Branch at Canterbury University's Geography Department.


The AGM will start at approximately 3pm.


NZGS Executive Newsletter


This is a newsletter to keep members informed about matters your executive is discussing at its monthly meetings. From time to time we will also bring you information from Branches, and affiliated bodies such as the Royal Society of New Zealand and the International Geographical Union (IGU).


June 2015








Issue 8 October 2014









Issue 7 September 2014









Issue 6 August 2014








Issue 5 June 2014








Issue 4 May 2014








Issue 3 April 2014








Issue 2 March 2014








Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2014


1. The website should be seen as a living window on the NZ geographic community and the NZGS.


2. The website is a vehicle to assist the shaping and making of transparent and critical geographical knowledges.


3. The website is intended to facilitate communication of information and matters of concern to members and the NZ geographic community


4. The website is complementary to the New Zealand Geographer



5. NZGS welcomes offers of copy for consideration for posting on its website.


6. The website offers the opportunity to facilitate member and NZ geographic community access to digital still and moving images.


7. Copy needs to be consistent with the Charitable Trusts Act under which NZGS is registered.


8. Copy submitted for posting may not be published and the decision is solely at the discretion of the Website Management Group.


9. Copy must be within the broad domain of interest of members and the NZ geographic community.


10. Placing an item on the NZGS website does not imply NZGS support for or against the content.


11. In posting information NZGS is providing a mechanism for members to exercise choice in how they receive and act on the information.


12. Each item posted will have a concluding date.


If you have any queries feel free to contact NZGS Information Officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..