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The introduction of the New Zealand Curriculum has allowed for more flexibility when designing interesting and engaging geography programmes for the students in our local communities.


The curriculum states that curriculum design  and review ‘involves making decisions about how to give effect to the national curriculum in ways that best address the needs, interests and circumstances of the school’s students and community’ p. 37, NZC, 2007, Ministry of Education


The ‘front end’ of the curriculum drives us to consider how we can implement the principles, key competencies and values into our geography programmes.


The Social Sciences learning area statement and geography achievement objectives provide a focus for developing programmes.


Social Sciences Online provide a Geography specific area which links to a number of resources useful for teachers http://ssol.tki.org.nz/Geography


You can also download a copy of the New Zealand Curriculum readiness matrix and a the presentation NZC in Action: Effective Pedagogy in Geography.


Ministry of Education -National Newsletter Social Science

Ministry of Education – Secondary Education Portal

New Zealand Qualifications Authority - Assessment Resources for Geography