Awards for Geography Teachers 2019




The NZBoGT is proud to announce the successful applicants for its 2019 awards


Conference and Professional Learning Fund

Conference or Professional Development Fund.  This was awarded to Mr Justin Thompson from Oxford Area School, where he is the HOD Social Science. He used this to attend the SocCon conference in the Term Three holidays. 



Excellence in Geography Teaching and Learning Award

  Excellence and Innovation in Geography Teaching and Learning. This was awarded to Mr Nigel Bassett from Carmel College in Auckland. He was awarded this for producing innovative resources to combat the issue of an overload for students when using the google platform. His solution, to share one resource for an entire standard, as an ebook.  The ebook would be a blend of “old school text book”  and  digital technology.  The goal was to create a resource which would:

  1. Centralise all the resources into one document.
  2. Be visually attractive to read.
  3. Make use of digital media to complement the traditional textbook approach

Below are some samples that were created by Nigel and submitted as part of his application.



Level 1 -  Sample Sustainable Tourism in Maldives

Level 1 -  Sample Global Study of Volcanoes