Postgraduate Studies in New Zealand

Postgraduate Studies in New Zealand

Postgraduate studies in Geography can be enormously wide-ranging in their scope, and are stimulating stepping stones into careers beyond university. However, the commitment to undertake Postgraduate studies is a significant one in terms of time and money. Consequently, it is important to think carefully about what you would like to study, at what level, with who and where.


A good place to start when you are contemplating Postgraduate studies is by having a conversation with the staff members that you engaged with over the course of your undergraduate degree. You might not necessarily want to study under them, but they will give you a sense of the range of possibilities available for Postgraduate studies, and perhaps even more importantly a gateway into the process. They will also be able to guide you towards the Postgraduate advisors that departments and programmes have.


A good idea is look beyond your home university for potential Postgraduate options. The various Geography programmes in New Zealand vary in what they focus on according to the specific interests of their staff. Postgraduate study at another university can also be a very rewarding experience as you are exposed to different ideas, teaching styles and research environments.


If you want information about the various Postgraduate options in Geography in offered New Zealand follow the links below.

University of Auckland

University of Waikato

Massey University

Victoria, University of Wellington

University of Canterbury

University of Otago

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