New Zealand Geographer Special Issue Call




Due date: 31st July 2020 


New Zealand Geographer is now accepting proposals for special issues to be published in 2021 and 2022. The editorial team of the New Zealand Geographer aims to publish special issues that advance geographical understanding of New Zealand and the South Pacific, or showcase state of the art contributions from geographers to particular topcs or fields of inquiry related to or focussed on New Zealand. Special issues canencompass any aspects of physical, human and environmental geographies. Special issues should include a minimum of five research papers preceded by an introduction but may also be accompanied by commentaries, creative work or multimedia material. 

Session organisers at this year’s NZGS conference are strongly encouraged to consider submitting a proposal based on your session.

Recent special issues include:

Proposals for special issues should include the following:

  1. Title of the special issue
  2. Names, affiliations and email addresses of the special issue editors
  3. A statement of no more than 800 words that outlines the thematic scope of the special issue, describes how the papers contribute to the overall theme and explains why the New Zealand Geographer is a suitable outlet for publication
  4. Titles and abstracts for all papers to be included in the special issue, including author names and affiliations
  5. A timeline for review of articles in the special issue, and a final submission date for completed suite of special issue papers to the New Zealand Geographer editors
  6. Any other relevant comments

Editorial procedure for special issues:

The review and revision of papers submitted for special issues are the responsibility of the special issue editors. It is expected that each paper will be subject to full peer review by one external double-blind referee and by one of the special issue editors. Special issue editors are responsible for liaising with authors in order to revise their manuscripts and ensuring overall coherence of the special issue prior to submission to the New Zealand Geographer editorial team. Finalised special issues must include all papers and other contents as well as referee reports and author responses; the special issue will be subject to review by a member of the editorial team and further revisions may be required before publication.

For queries or to enquire about the relevance of a proposed topic please send an email to the editorial team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editors, New Zealand Geographer

Juliana Mansvelt, Nicolas Lewis, Nicolas Cullen, Maria Borovnik, Francis L. Collins