‘Oh the places you can go!’ Geography on Nights with Bryan Crump on RNZ, FM 101+, Tuesday 9th June, 7.05pm. 


‘Oh the places you can go!’ is a new regular geography talk-spot on RNZ highlighting the work of members of the NZ Geographical Society and its students on global and local geographic issues and challenges. Aired on Nights with Bryan Crump on National Radio New Zealand (FM101+), the first can be heard on Tuesday 9th June at 7.05pm


‘Oh the places you can go’ will be piloted by Louise Richards (Vice President, NZGS) with Warwick Murray (President, NZGS) as side-rider. The first conversation discusses perceptions of geography, the geographical challenges we face, the unique perspectives the discipline can offer and the role of geographers of all ages in today’s world.





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