New Zealand Geographer Best Article Awards 2019



It with much pleasure that the Editorial Board of the New Zealand Geographer announces the inaugural winners of the best article prizes for contributions published in the three issues of the journal published in 2019. The New Zealand Geographer Best Article Award and Best Article—Emerging Researcher awards are awarded to the research paper, Geo-Ed contribution, or commentary which the Editorial Board consider to be the most outstanding in terms of their scholarly contribution to the journal and the discipline of Geography in and beyond New Zealand.

Best Article Prize

Nel, E, Connelly, S, Stevenson, T. New Zealand's small town transition: The experience of demographic and economic change and place based responses.

Etienne Nel, Sean Connelly and Teresa Stevenson's Q4 paper was part of Issue 3, 2019, a special issue focussed on “Rediscovering Regional Development in New Zealand: Reflections on local and regional development challenges and opportunities” (edited by Etienne Nel and Sean

Connelly). Nel et al.'s article draws on frameworks of new localism and new regionalism to reflect on the role of place based leadership and partnerships between local businesses, community groups and individuals.

Best Article – Emerging Researcher Prize

Riddle, C, Thompson-Fawcett, M. Rural change and tourism in remote regions: Developments and Indigenous endeavour in Westland, Te Tai o Poutini, Aotearoa New Zealand.

The award for Best Emerging Researcher Article in 2019, goes to Callum Riddle for a paper co-authored with Michelle Thompson-Fawcett, which also appeared in the Special issue on “Rediscovering Regional Development in New Zealand.” Focussing on remote rural settlements, Riddle and Thompson-Fawcett examine how organisations and agencies have responded to social and economic change. The authors were particularly interested to reflect on how such organisations have acted with respect to the aspirations of marginalised communities.

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