Distinguished New Zealand Geographer Associate Professor Juliana Mansvelt


Distinguished New Zealand Geographer Medal 2021

Associate Professor Juliana Mansvelt


The Manawatū Branch of the New Zealand Geographical Society hereby nominates Associate Professor Juliana Mansvelt for the Distinguished New Zealand Geographer (DNZG) Award in recognition of the sustained excellence of her research across several spheres, her outstanding and innovative teaching, considerable service to the New Zealand Geographical Society and the Manawatū Branch.  

Associate Professor Mansvelt graduated with a BA (Hons) from Massey University and was awarded a prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship to the UK to complete a PhD at Sheffield before being appointed to the then Department of Geography at Massey University.  

International Research contribution

Over the last two and a half decades she has established an international reputation for her work on the geographies of consumption – a perspective that turns on end, as Gill Valentine noted, the taken for granted ‘productionist’ orientation of much writing in human geography.  Her Geographies of Consumption was published by Sage 2005 and further international recognition took the form of an invitation to write geography of consumption progress reports in Progress in Human Geography (one of the highest ranked human Geography journals in terms of impact factors). Her expertise in this area has been further consolidated by invitations to write other encyclopedia entries, articles, and book chapters in this area. Her continued leading role in this field is evidence by involvement in a consumption special issue of Geographical Research in 2020. An invited chapter was included in Cloke, Crang, and Goodwin’s (eds.) Introducing Human Geographies – one of the major undergraduate geography textbooks published in the last decade. One additional indication of her reputation has been the number of scholars in cognate fields who have come to Massey as short term and sabbatical visitors in geography, to engage with and work alongside Juliana. 

Apart from her individual academic success, she has also worked in many collaborative projects during her career. Of particular note have been some interdisciplinary externally funded social science projects (FoRST 2009-2012) on various aspects of ageing (including ageing and consumption practices and experiences of ageing in place). This work has been published in high ranking international ageing, psychology and health focused journals.  Within Massey Juliana has been a longstanding research member of the interdisciplinary Health and Ageing Research Team (HART), with colleagues in psychology, health and social care.  

Associate Professor Mansvelt also has an impressive research record in pedagogy as it relates to E-learning at the tertiary level. This includes publications in leading international higher education journals.  At the University level she has also been called upon to research and produce reports on digital learning policy and Communities of Learning amongst Massey staff. Juliana has been an ongoing member of the university Teaching and Learning Circles, which are informal peer-led learning initiatives for staff. As an extension of her acknowledged expertise in teaching and learning, Associate Professor Mansvelt also chairs the University Library Committee. 

Excellence in Teaching

Associate Professor Mansvelt was an early teacher of an array of qualitative methods within a broader research practice 300 level paper. One outcome of this was an invitation to contribute a chapter to the first edition of Ian Hay’s Qualitative Methods in Human Geography textbook. It has been retained in revised fashion in all 5 editions to date. She was also the first in the programme, if not in the larger school to develop a completely digital 700 level post graduate geography paper. The excellence of her teaching was recognised with a National Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence in 2006. She has supervised successfully at the Masters and PhD levels in geography, and in interdisciplinary settings. 

Service to the Society and the Community

A former Manawatū Branch Secretary, Associate Professor Mansvelt currently serves as Vice President.  She has for many years taken a lead role in the hosting of the local Maatangi Whenua competition. She was on the organising committee for the 1999 and 2012 New Zealand Geography Conferences run by the Manawatū Branch. In addition, she was a keynote speaker at the 2012 conference. A spin off from that address was an invitation to deliver keynote address to the NSW Geography Teachers’ Association in 2013.  She has keenly participated in various branch and programme outreach days when secondary school geography students have been on campus. 

She has given significant service to the New Zealand Geographer, being for a considerable length of time Review Editor, and more recently Human Geography Editor, and latterly Production Manager. 



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