As part of its role the NZBoGT supports the development of teachers and students through providing access to a range of resources to its members.


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School Based Research

Material on School Based Research has been put together to assist teachers in regard to the research standard at each level. Many teachers have been forced to change their research contexts in light of Covid 19 since field trips are no longer a possibility.


The research assessments have been written generically so that they can be applied to any location. You may need to add the name of your location to make it applicable to your school. Where this applies the font is given in red.


Most of the options given are based on the community in which your school is based. However, the collection of data can be easily completed by students very close to school or as a homework activity. Some are based around questionnaires that can be administered from school.


Click on the links to access resources to support School Based Research.

3.5 Spatial Patterns

3.5 Spatial Patterns Booklet



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