Thank you to Greg Barclay – Hastings Boys High School for allowing us to make this amazing resource available to members  


A message the author about the resource:

The resource has been designed to aid in the teaching and learning of geographic concepts in New Zealand secondary schools. It is hoped that by widening student’s conceptual understanding of the Antarctic environment, they will then be able to apply the same understandings to environments they are familiar with, or may encounter in NCEA assessment. Concept definitions for the final three activities have been taken from the Geography Teaching and Learning Guidelines:

It is also intended that students carry out key geographic skills that will enable them in interpret the Antarctic environment. These skills have been chosen with achievement standards 91010 and 91243 in mind, and are also derived from the Geography Teaching and Learning Guidelines.



The environment of Antarctica will be explored using three settings, each of a different scale. These settings are:

  1. The Antarctic continent
  2. The Ross Dependency
  3. Ross Island

resource booklet is also supplied that contains information (maps, photographs, tables etc) needed to complete the tasks in the question booklets (Level 1 Questions, Level 1 Answers; Level 2 Questions, Level 2 Answers).

Links have also been given to YouTube clips that are intended to give students a first-hand experience of the Antarctic environment. Access to these clips would be beneficial as this resource has been developed with the digital classroom in mind.

It is suggested that students are supplied with hard copies of the question booklet and have digital access to the resource booklet.

Suggested uses for the resource include:

Note:    This resource has been trialled in classrooms and is purely intended to aid in the teaching and learning of Geography skills and concepts. It has not been moderated in any official NZQA/NCEA capacity.





Acknowledgements (from Greg Barclay)

I would like to sincerely acknowledge the following organisations for their help and commitment to providing outreach from what is such a stunning landscape: