Newsletter of the New Zealand Board of Geography Teachers


2020 Term 1 84

Chairperson's Report: Louise Richards

Teaching and Learning:... about CoronaVirus

Leading a Geography Department ... in online teaching and learning

Geograph-E: online resources

Enabling your classroom with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Assessment Update: Report on External Assessment 2019

Out in the Field:... where will you make your memorable experience?

Geography Network of Expertise

iGeo 2021



2019 Term 3 83

Teaching and Learning: Engaging boys in Geography

Leading a Geography Department ... In a boys' school

Assessment Update

Out in the Field ... iGeo 2019

Kaiarahi: Geography

Wondering about Geography:

Promoting Geography: Perception and the old, pink Geography syllabus


2019 Term 2 Issue 82

Regional Reports

Teaching and Learning: Location from a different perspective

Leading a Geography Department: Leadership Capabilities

Initial Teacher Education

Wondering About Geography


2019 Term 1 Issue 81

NZBoGT: Annual Meeting Report

Kaiarahi: Geography

GiS: Meet the Champions

Assessment Update


2018 Term 4 Issue 80

Geography Networks of Expertise: Applications for kaiarahi role

Teaching and Learning: Coping with combined level classes

Leading a Geography Department: Self review

Geograph - E: Exploring places, mapping spaces

Assessment Update



2018 Term 3 Issue 79

Regional Updates

Teaching and Learning: Collaboration

Leading a Geography Department: Coaching

Geograph - E

Assessment Update: Achievement Standards 2017

Initial Teacher Education: Is Geographical Knowledge Getting Lost?

Wondering About... Water

Olympiad Report 2018


2018 Term 2 Issue 78

Teaching and Learning: Assessment for and as learning

Leading a Geography Department


Assessment Update

Supporting ITE Students to Develop Unit Plans

... Considering the NCEA Review

Current Issues: Where Diamonds are not Forever

Bitter Sweet Taste Year 11 Unit Plans


2017 Term 3 Issue 75

Chairperson's Report: Geography Credit Parity

Curriculum & Pedagogy: Equity

Geograph - E: Remote Sensing

Assessment Update: What has happened to the Social Sciences in NCEA

Teacher Education: Geography Uptake in NZ Schools

Out in the Field: iGeo Serbia

Maatangi Whenua Results



2017 Term 2 Issue 74

Curriculum: Innovation, inquiry and curiosity

Pedagogy: Thinking critically, creatively and reflectively

Geograph - E: Slide Carnival, Draftback, Quizzlet

Assessment Update: Digital Assessment

Teacher Education: Planning for Success on TE Placement


2017 Term 1 Issue 73

Curriculum: Excellence

Geograph-E: Coggle

Assessment Update: Summary of NZBoGT External Examination Survey

Teacher Education: Welcoming a new cohort

Out in the Field....

Sharpening the Focus on Geography in New Zealand Schools






2016 Term 4 Issue 72

Curriculum: Learning to learn

Pedagogy: Learning to learn for teachers

Geography - E

Teacher Education: Different Ways of Contributing to Initial Teacher Education

Out in the Field... Divide & Conquer


2016 Term 3 Issue 71

Editorial Cultural diversity and inclusion

Curriculum: Incorporating cultural diversity

Pedagog: The role of place based education in geography trips

Geograph-E: Cultural diversity and e-learning

Assessment Update: GeoLinks with the alternative education community near your school





2016 Term 2 Issue 70

  • New Chair's Report: Sue Lynch
  • Editorial: Community engagement
  • Curriculum: Planning flexible programmes
  • Pedagogy: Literacy and geography
  • Assessment update
  • Geography E




2016 Term 1 Issue 69

  • Editorial: Future focus
  • Pedagogy: Authentic learning
  • Wondering about...: Future focus
  • Assessment update
  • Geography E




2015 Term 4 Issue 68


  • Editorial: The role of reflection and evaluation
  • Pedagogy: Reflection and evaluation
  • Wondering about...: Sustainability
  • Excellence in Geography Teaching and Learning Award: Miriam Marshall




2015 Term 2 Issue 66


  • Editorial: Future focused learning and its application to geography
  • New editor for the Network
  • Thoughts from the outgoing Editor
  • Olympiad team selection




2015 Term 1 Issue 65


  • Editorial: Innovative approaches and new ideas in geography
  • Curriculum Development: Student agency in geography
  • Pedagogy Focus: Innovative approaches to making geography relevant and interesting
  • Wondering About...: I've been thinking about 'Scholarship'
  • SocCon 2015
  • Geography Olympiad Competition





2014 Term 4 Issue 64


  • Editorial: Modern learning practices in geography
  • Curriculum Development: Implementing modern learning practice
  • Pedagogy  Focus: Planning for modern learning practices
  • Featured Website: MLEs
  • Excellence in Geography Teaching and Learning Award: Sarah Cantlon






2014 Term 3 Issue 63


  • Editorial: Priority learners in geography
  • Curriculum Development: Making geography relevant for priority learners
  • Pedagogy focus: Strategies to support priority learners
  • Featured Website: Make your own infographics
  • Maatangi Whenua Report 2014






2014 Term 2 Issue 62


  • Chairperson's Report
  • Funding opportunities
  • Curriculum Development: Professional development opportunities outside of your school
  • Pedagogy Focus: Professional development and learning for geography departments
  • From the Classroom: Implementing professional development to improve classroom teaching and learning through teacher inquiry




2014 Term 1 Issue 61

  • Chairperson's Report
  • Editorial: looking back and planning for 2014
  • Curriculum Development: Sustainability and the Gyre
  • Pedagogy Focus: Classroom observations
  • From the Classroom: Literacy strategies
  • School Geography Research Competition

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