Geography is What Geographers Do!

Risk/Benefit Assessment for Geography Fieldtrips -A3 Colour Poster


This poster was prepared by June Logie (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Mary Flaws for presentation at the July 15-17 SocCon13 conference held at the Hamilton Girls' High School Centre of Creativity and Performance (Nga Puawaitanga) - for the Auckland branch of NZGS.


The poster provides a framework for field trip 'Benefit Assessment', strongly advocated by Dan Raven-Ellison (UK) during a workshop video conference entitled 'Exploration and Guerilla Geography. Ideas for teaching in the New Zealand curriculum.'  Most teachers present had filled out a Risk Assessment form but only one teacher had prepared a Benefit Assessment form.  Dan suggested that if the risks amounted to 5/10 and the benefits were assessed at 7/10, then the trip should go ahead; if the risks were 10/10 and the benefits 8/10, then the trip should be abandoned.  However if both risks and benefits were assessed as 10/10 then the trip should go ahead.