The NZBoGT is offering two awards to support quality geography teaching and learning in schools.

The first is a Conference and Professional Learning Fund to enable teachers to attend a conference or workshop related to geographical education and the second is an award to recognise ‘Excellence and Innovation in Geography Teaching and Learning’.


Applications for both awards are now open. Please email applications before the relevant closing dates to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Conference and Professional Learning Fund


The NZBoGT will award up to a total of $500 to one or more teachers who would like some financial help towards attending a Conference or a Professional Development Workshop that can demonstrate relevance to Geography Teaching.


Closing date for applications is Friday 7th August, 2020.

The Conference Fund criteria are as follows:

  • Conference or Professional Development Workshop is to be either directly related to geographical education or can demonstrate relevance to Geography Teaching (i.e could be IT Conference but application can be shown to have relevance)
  • School must be a member of the NZBoGT
  • The funds are to contribute towards the costs of registration/accommodation/travel expenses (inclusive) to total no more than $500 in each calendar year. This cost may be awarded as one full amount or split across several teachers depending on applications received
  • Successful applicants must be committed to providing an educational resource or professional learning idea (this doesn’t need to be substantial)  to be published on the NZBoGT’s website and in ‘the Network’ within two months of the end of the conference or Professional Development Workshop



Applications for the Conference/ Professional Development Workshop Fund are to take theform of a letter (attached in an email) to the NZBoGT outlining the conference to be attended including:  details of conference/workshop (what, where, when, purpose, etc), a link to the conference/workshop website or advertisement, potential costs involved in attending and what form an educational resource to be produced as a result of attending the conference might take.

Excellence in Geography Teaching and Learning Award


This award is to recognise Geography Teachers who are excelling in their classroom teaching through both innovation and student engagement. 


One award of $500 for the winning teacher will be made this year.


Closing date for applications is Friday 16th October, 2020

The criteria for the ‘Excellence and Innovation in Geography Teaching and Learning’ Award are as follows:

  • School must be a member of the NZBoGT
  • Be willing to have some of the material they presented as evidence published on the NZBoGT’s website and/or in ‘the Network’

Applications for the award are to take the form of a report which includes the following:


  • An explanation as to how the teacher has developed engaging programmes of work and include some reference to the NZC, Geography Curriculum and/or particular pedagogical practices being developed (eg developing conceptual understandings or engaging ‘priority learners’, etc). Specific evidence/examples to support the explanation should be included (this could be a sequence of some lessons or a whole unit within a year’s programme and might include some evidence of student work, student voice and/or feedback).
  • The application should be supported with a letter of recommendation from the appropriate HOD or Assistant/Deputy Principal or Principal of the school the teacher is working in.







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